9th His Holiness Sangharaj Most Ven. Nagasen Mahathero

Name: Mr. Manmohan Barua, Pali Name: Ven. Nagasen Mahathero

Father’s Name: Mr. Krisnodhan Barua, Mother’s Name: Mrs. Mahamaya Barua.

Date of Birth: 09 Ashbin 1908, Period of Supreme Patriarch: Posthumous.         

Village: Shilkhup, Upazila: Banskhali, District: Chittagong.

Education and Monastic Life:

Mr. Manmohan Barua has successfully completed the primary education. During 7/8 years old he became novice under the guidance of His Holiness 7th Sangharaja Most Ven. Abhayatissa Mahathero and changed his name Sri Nagasen Sraman (Pali Name). He learnt monastic education (Pali) for the few years then got higher ordination under the guidance of Most Ven. Prajnyalonkar Mahathero, and Most Ven. Abhayatissa Mahathero (preceptor) in 1928 at Satbaria Santi Bihar Ordination Hall (holy Sima hall). He got monkhood name Ven. Nagasen Bhikkhu. He appointed as a lord abbot at East Joara Sontosh  Bihar, his whole life lived in this Joara Santosh Bihar (temple). He traveled to Myanmar purpose of join 6th Buddhist Council Conference in 1954. His golden Jubilee (54 years) was celebrated at Joara Santosh Bihar in 1982. In this auspicious occasion, His Holiness Most Ven. Shilalonkar Mahathero (8th Sangharaja), Most Ven. Dharmadhar Mahathero (Indian Sangharaja), Most Ven. Anandamitro Mahathero (Akhil Varotio Sangharaja in India), Most Ven. Jyotipal Mahathero, Mr. Karnel Ali Ahammad Bir Bikrom (State Minister for Youth), and so many dignitaries, prominent monks, and Scholars, reporters, Dhamma devotees were present. His first disciple was prominent Buddhist monk Most Ven. Jinaratna Mahathero, abbot at Fathenagor South Suniti Bihar, Chandanaish.

Receive Award: He achieved honor “Saddharma Visaradha” (1956) and Indian Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha offered him award “Dharmachajo” (1976), “Ganadevata” award from Thailand (1982). He has appointed as a Supreme Patriarch of Bangladesh (Sangharaj) in 1989, meeting place at Dhemsha Sakyamuni Bihar, Satkania.

[Here note that, may arise a question why Selected 9th Supreme Patriarch when still alive 8th Supreme Patriarch? Because unfortunately during 1989 monk community has divided into two groups, number (1) North monk community and another one (2) South monk community. South monk community selected 9th Sangharaja to HH. Ven. Nagasen Mahathero but North monk community didn’t accept him. Later both groups has made commitment for the better future, they agreed when 8th Sangharaja will be pass away then they will accept him, if he (HH. Ven. Nagasen Mahathero) will pass away before 8th Sangharaja then must be certifying as a Posthumous 9th Sangharaja. Unfortunately he passed away before 8th Sangharaja.  In the North monk community group leader as a president Most Ven. Ajitananda Mahathero, Secretary General Most Ven. Prajnabangsha Mahathero. In the South monk community group leader was president Most Dr. Ven. Jinabodhi Mahathero, Secretary General Most Ven. Prof. S. Gyanapriya Mahathero.]

Passed Away: His Holiness Sangharaj Most Ven. Nagasen Mahathero passed away on 28 September 1992, at around 2.20 pm (local time). Then formed a National Funeral Celebration Committee. His Holiness Sangharaj Most Ven. Nagasen Mahathero’s dad body preserved in the holy sense. The National Funeral Celebration Committee has successfully organized National Funeral Ceremony on 8th January 1993, 24 Poush 1399 Bangla at Joara Santosh Bihar.