About Us

Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha

Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha (BSBM) is an old organization. Based on Theravada Buddhism, BSBM was founded in 1864. This organization is working to promote and spread Buddhism in Bangladesh and worldwide. National and international Buddhist religious festivals are celebrated yearly, such as the holy robe offering ceremony (kathin Chibara Dana), Prabarana Purnima, Buddha Purnima, etc.

Aims and Objectives

* To establish harmonious relationship with the international communities and to guide the Buddihst monastic and communities through Theravada core of principles.
* To establish permanent office of the supreme sangha council of Bangladesh.
* To provide education and training to Buddhist monks and novices.

Executive Body (2021-2025)

1. President: Most Ven. Buddharakkhita Mahathero, Andarmanik, Raozan.
2. Co-President: Ven. Priyananda Mahathero, Mireshwrai.
3. Co-President: Ven. Binayapal Mahathero, Binajuri, Raozan.
4. Co-President: Ven. Shasanananda Mahathero, Mirzapure, Hathazari.

His Holiness Supreme Patriarch of Bangladesh

1st His Holiness Sangharaj Most Ven. Saramedha Mahathero Name: Mr. Saranath,
Pali Name: Ven. Saramedha Mahathero
Father’s Name: Mr. Yubaraj Barua,
Mother’s Name: Mrs. Provabati Barua.
Year of Birth: 1801.
Period of Supreme Patriarch: 1864 – 1877 years.
Village: Habang, Upazila: Chakoria,