8th His Holiness Sangharaj Most Ven. Shilalongkar Mahathero

Name: Mr. Sahadev Barua, Pali Name: Ven. Shilalongkar Mahathero

Father’s Name: Mr. Joydhan Barua, Mother’s Name: Mrs. Shyamabati Barua.

Date of Birth: Friday 21 June 1900. Period of Supreme Patriarch: 1975 – 2000 years.   

Village: Nanupur, Upazila: Fatikchari, District: Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Education and Monastic Life:

Mr. Sahadev Barua successfully passed the primary education then admitted to the J.M.Sen High school at Chittagong City. He went to Burma and became novice under the guidance of Most Ven. U Sumangal Mahathero. Then he received higher ordination (Upasampada) under the preceptor Most Ven. U Tejaram Mahathero at Akiab Banasram Buddhist Temple, later he moved to International Dhammaduta Buddhist Monastery in Yangon. His Pali name was Ven. Shilalongkar Bhikkhu. Few years later he moved to Srilanka purpose of higher education with his friends Ven. Dharmatilak Bhikkhu and Ven. Jyotipal Bhikkhu in 1923. In Srilanka, he and his some friends total 12 monks received 2nd Holy Kammavacha under the guidence of Most Ven Upasen Mahathera at “Panadure Saddhamoday Pariben”. Ven. Shilalongkar Bhikkhu lived Srilanka nearly 5 years and learnt Dhamma and Vinaya and visited many holy places there then returned to Bangladesh at village Nanupur in 1927. Later he lived at Nanupur, Anandadham Bihar, Boidyapada Shakyomuni Bihar, Mirjapur Shantidham Bihar. He has published many valuable publications namely Rahul Charito (1937), Ajatashatru (1932), Buddhajuger Bouddho Nari (1933), Parajika (1937), Bimanbatthu (1938), Dhammapada Attakatha (1943), Jibak (1933), Bouddho Niti Manjuri (1965), Ananda (1967), Jatakabaly (1968), Bishaka (1971) etc.

He participated on 5th Asia Buddhist Peace Summit, organized by Mongolia and Soviet Union, also visited Japan in 1981 purpose of Ven. Nichiren 700th Birthday Celebration. His diamond jubilee celebration organized at Mirjapur Shantidham Bihar in 1981.

Receive Award: Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha appointed him as a Supreme Patriarch of Bangladesh (Sangharaj) by the General Meeting on 26th February 1975 at Satbaria Shanti Bihar.  Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha offered him award “Shahityoratno” in 1966. Prajnyalok – Jinabangsha Kallyan Trust association offered him gold medal award “Prajnyalok – Jinabangsha” in 1996. “Aggamahasaddhammajyotikadhbaja” offered by Myanmar Government in 1999.

Passed Away: His Holiness Sangharaj Most Ven. Shilalonkgar Mahathero passed away on 23rd March 2000. Cremation ceremony was held on 18-19 January 2001 at Mirjapur Shantidham Buddhit Monastery.