10th His Holiness Sangharaj Most Ven. Jyotipal Mahathero

Name: Mr. Dbarika Mohan Singh, Pali Name: Ven. Jyotipal Mahathero.

Father’s Name: Mr. Chandramuni Singh, Mother’s Name: Mrs. Droupadi Bala Singh.

Date of Birth: 5 January 1914, Period of Supreme Patriarch: 2001 – 2002 years.

Village: Baraigano, Upazila: Laksam, District: Comilla.

Education and Monastic Life:

He completed his primary education and become novice when he was 18 years old in 1932, he got Pali name Sri Jyotipal Samanero. His preceptor name is Most Ven. Gunalongkar Mahathero. He studied in Raozan High School (1933), Mahamuni Pahartholi Pali Tole (Pali Institution) and then moved to Kolkata in India purpose of higher study.  He has met to the Most Ven. Bangsadbipa Mahathera who was a principal of the Nalanda Bidyavabon. He successfuly completed his study and got degree (Upadhi), he achieved first place in Abhidhamma study program, and also he got Gold medals prize from Nalanda University. Then the Sraman Jyotipal returned to home land and received higher ordination on 18th July, 1938. His preceptor was deputy supreme patriarch Most Ven Gunalongkar Mahathero. He learnt many languages like as English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Burmese, Silone’s, Singholi etc.

Receive Award: He has achieved “Asia Buddhist Peace” gold medal award from Mongolia in 1978. He worked for Bangladesh Liberation War, during Bangladesh liberation war (1971) he has maintained a good relationship with diplomatic for the Bangladesh. Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha selected him as a Supreme Patriarch of Bangladesh in 2001. He achieved Ekushey Padak (posthumous) 2010 and Independence Award “Swadhinata Padak” (posthumous) 2011. Ekhushey Padak is the second highest civilian award in Bangladesh and Independence award is the highest state award given by the Government of Bangladesh.

Publications: He has published a lot of valuable religious books namely 1. Karmotatto (1955), 2. Bouddha Dharmio Shikkha (1962), 3. Puggal Pnnati (1963), 4. Malaysia Vromon Kahini (1968), 5. Bangladesher Mukti Sangram (1976), 6. Bodhicharjabotar (1977), 7. Sadhonar Antoray (1978), 8. Soumyo Samyoi Santir Karon (1998), 9. Projnyabhumir Nirdesh (1981), 10. Varote Bouddho Dharmer Uttan Paton (1992), 11. Uposangharaj Gunalokar Mahasthobir (1985), 12. Charjapod (1991), 13. Buddher Jibon o Bani (1992), 14. Rabindro Sahitye Boudho Sanskriti (1996), 15. Vokti Shotokom (1999) etc.

He has visited many countries namely India, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong kong, China, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, America, Korea, Srilanka, Myanmar, United State of America (1999) etc.

He has many monk deciples namely Ven. Dr. Buddhadatta Mahathero, Ven. Bajirayan Mahathero, Ven. Dharmadipti Mahathero (India), Ven. Dr. Sanghapriya Mahathero, Ven. Shilavadra Mahathero, Ven. Binoypal Mahathero, Ven. Projnyasree Mahathero, Ven. Bodhipal Thero, Ven Premananda Thero, Ven Prajnyapal Thero, Ven Projnyajyoti Thero, Ven Kosholayon Thero (Burma), Ven Sadhonapriya Thero, Ven. Sugatopriya Thero and so on.

Passed Away: His Holiness Sangharaj Most Ven. Jyotipal Mahathero passed away on 12 April 2002 at Mumbai J.J. Hospital.