11th His Holiness Sangharaj Most Ven. Shasansree Mahathero

Name: Mr. Manmohan Barua, Pali Name: Ven. Shasansree Mahathero

Father’s Name: Mr. Keshab Chandra Barua, Mother’s Name: Mrs. Basini Bala Barua.

Date of Birth: 23rd November 1921, 15 Agrahayon, Time: 8.00 PM.

Period of Supreme Patriarch: 2002 – 2003 years.

Village: Mijiritala Kaharghona, Upazila: Banskhali, District: Chittagong.

Education and Monastic Life:

Mr. Manmohan Barua was a meritorious student. He was a nephew of His Holiness 7th Sangharaja Most Ven. Abhayatissa Mahathero, when he passed class 3 Most Ven. Abhayatissa Mahathero bring him to Satbaria Shanti Bihar and admitted to Satbaria Model School in class 4. Later he became novice and then monkhood life (Upasampada) under the preceptor of Most. Ven. Abhayatiss Mahathero, his Pali name was Ven. Shasansree Bhikkhu.

He established a Pali educational institution “Jnanasen Palitole” and a holy “Sima Hall” (a holy place where become Buddhist monk) at East Ratna in Ukhia Upazila, Cox’s Bazar. During liberation war in Bangladesh (1971) with Pakistan he saved a lot of righteous general people. He was able to speak English, Hindi, Urdu etc.

He was lived more than 14 years in Ramu, Ukhia, and Hill Tracks (Chittagong), more than 20 years in Chandanaish – Patiya Upazila, nearly 30 years in Anowara and Banskhali. He was appointed Vice President of Anowara Saptagram Smiti Samiti in 1964 and later appointed as a President. He established a women association “Rudura Boudho Mohila Samiti. He was a founder Secretary General of “HH Abhayatissa Seba Samiti” in 1968, later his appointed as a President. He was published a valuable Book “Kosal Rajar Shola Sopno”. During undivided Bengali his article, poem, and travel story was published in famous daily newspaper namely Jugantor, Ananda Bazar, Matrivumi etc. He has many disciples some of them namely

Ven. Tilokananda Mahathero, Banskhali,

Ven. Dharmananda Mahathero, Charbaroma,

Ven. Dayananda Mahathero, Moheshkhali,

Ven. P Lokananda Mahathero, Bathua etc.

Receive Award: Bangladesh Sangharaj Bhikkhu Mahasabha Sangha council appointed him for the post of President in 1993, also Sangha Council appointed his as a Supreme Patriarch of Bangladesh (Sangharaja) on 9 January 2003 by the General Meeting at Baroigaon Kanak Chaityo Bihar in Kumilla Upazila.   

Passed Away: His Holiness Sangharaj Most Ven. Shasansree Mahathero passed away on 12 May 2003 at Chandanaish Kendrio Sraddhananda Bihar.